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gg - f&v.png The GLOBALG.A.P. Fruit & Vegetables standard


The GLOBALG.A.P. Fruit & Vegetables Standard covers all stages of production, from pre-harvest activities such as soil management and plant protection product application to post-harvest produce handling, packing and storing.
  • Check-list:
    Is the document you need to complete your self-assessment. It is also used by approved CBs to perform their audits.
  • Control Points and Compliance Criteria (CPCC):
    Lists everything the standard you are applying for covers, and gives you addtional guidelines to fulfill the requirements.
  • General Regulations:
    Defines how the certification process works and lists the requirements for quality management systems and related issues.
  • National Interpretation Guide
    Clarifies how the CPCC have been adapted in a specific country. Please check if there is a NIG for your country. If yes, you are required to use it. CBs shall assess that you did it!.
Documents may be downloaded from the DOCUMENTS section on GLOBALG.A.P. Webiste
For further information please contact:
Laura Mesa
AGRO Operations manager
Tel.: +34 91 740 2660

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