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ACERTA has experienced auditors in the evaluation of Codes of Conduct and standards of Corporate Social Responsibility. We provide additional added value when the assessments are made ​​in food sector companies.

The social audit is the process that makes a business or organization, with the intention of presenting the balance of its social and ethical behavior in relation to their objectives and those of third parties (individuals or companies) directly or indirectly involved.

The effectiveness of participation is measured through social auditing. This is defined as a process to evaluate the results of programs and projects, ethical behavior in the process and the efficient use of financial, technical and human.

The purpose is to improve the performance and transparency of resource use. This is a process where citizens provide mechanisms to analyze organized social action in terms of its objectives, procedures and results. Requires that citizens are informed of impacts and consequences of activities and practices to demand greater accountability to entities that implement them, as well as public administration require the provision of efficient services that meet their social needs.

On the other hand, it is required an open and transparent government body, allowing citizens to get involved in their activities and decision-making, where there is a constant flow of information between the organization and citizens, and accountability mechanisms.

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